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Faced with a power vacuum, the prodigal daughter of a crime syndicate must gamble with her moral compass in a bid to seize the throne.

Directed by: Benjamin Blais

Written by: John Fleming

Edited by: Bee Pethick

Cinematographer: Lee Foster

Executive Producers: Benjamin Blais, John Fleming, Jeff Hanson

Producers: Tennille Read, Emily Dix,

Conor Fitzgerald & Trevor Ketcheson

Hair & MUA: Ashleigh Blair

Wardrobe: Audrey Acob

Fight Choreography: Jeff Hanson

Stunt Coordinator: Benjamin Blais

Original Score: Andy Trithardt

Recording Musicians: Michael Mann & Jason O'Brien

Dialogue & Sound Effects Editor: John Fleming

VFX: Christopher Wilson

Colourist: Mike Donis

1st AD: Robert Notman

1st AC: Andrew Fleming

2nd AC: Bee Pethick

Script Supervisor: Jamie Cavanagh

Logo Design: Diana Fleming

Catering: Danny Pagett

Stills: Colin Cummings, Emily Dix & Jonas Widdifield


Chiara Notaro - Tennille Read

David Klein - Mathew Gouveia

Sean Hughes - John Fleming

Gerald - Andy Trithardt

Mr. Adoti - Ucal Shillingford

Ms. Koslov - Allegra Fulton

Mr. Shen - Thomas Gough

Mr. Massive - David Lapsley

Tom Passmore - Benjamin Blais

Scott - Trevor Ketcheson

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