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Music Video

Better Man - Mawzy

Directed by: Bee Pethick

Cinematography by: Bryce Zimmerman

Featuring: Sonja Boretski

Edited by: Bee Pethick

Assistant Director: Katherine Green

Boat Operator: Paul Ashley

Craft Services: Lianna Macro-Pethick

Special Thanks to Angela Fox

Music & Lyrics by: Matthew Cooke (Mawzy)

Drums by: Nick McKinlay

Produced by: Thomas D'Arcy

Mixed by: Jesse Turnbull

Mastered by: Kristian Montano at Montano Mastering

Better Man FINAL yellow font.00_00_03_13.Still001.jpg
Better Man FINAL yellow font.00_02_16_16.Still015.jpg
Better Man FINAL yellow font.00_03_05_17.Still021.jpg
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