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In the land of Alapeenya inhibition is no more. Two women express their current joys and tribulations through the disentanglement and exaggeration of their prevailing personas. Through this unfettered exhibition they come to understand the power and connectedness of womanhood and friendship.

Nicola and Bee rekindled their friendship in the summer of 2020. Having worked together in the past on various dance projects they realized how like-minded they were in their quest for portraying joy, humour, human connection and vulnerability in their art. Both ardent about filmmaking and its power to connect people they began a collaborative artistic relationship, participating in each other’s individual passion projects while forming a deep friendship. Alapeenya is the result of their close connection. With their friendship and comfortability at the forefront of this project Nicola and Bee felt exhilarated digging into their current states of mind even though at times it was hard to reckon with. Alapeenya is a film about the power of womanhood and its many facets. The use of exaggerated characters, eccentric costumes and peculiar soundscapes combine to create a sensorial viewing experience that provokes laughter, curiosity and a sense of kinship.


Created by: Nicola Adilman & Bee Pethick

Edited by: Bee Pethick & Nicola Adilman

Performered by: Nicola Adilman & Bee Pethick

Additional Voices: Brigitte Palaric-Skinner, Michèle Muzzi, Addie & Charlotte

Snail Story Written by: Gabi Palaric-Skinner

Music: La Rue by Cortex & I’ll Stay by The RH Factor (feat. D’Angelo)

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